Saturday, May 24, 2008

My 1st Judo Class

When I quit teaching Taiji I thought I was going to study more Taiji but instead I decided to try Judo. What better way to test my taiji skillz than in a judo class? I've never really learned the taiji throws which are basically judo throws so I see judo as just more taiji training. Maybe not... but how many taiji guys do you know who have actually tried using taiji against a judo guy?

I've been in enough karate and kung fu classes run by ego maniacs throwing angry punches and kicks at mirrors to just expect the worst in most dojos. But tonight I did my first judo class and everyone had fun and I didn't notice I single egomaniac. The first hour pooped me out (I'm 41) so I sat for the last 30 minutes and that's when I noticed the fun being had by all.

After I sat the randori started and everyone was laughing. It didn't matter if you were throwing or getting thrown, everyone was having fun. The Sensei guy running the place was absolutely having a ball with everyone. Maybe it was just a good night for everyone, I dont know.

Nice time....Any Judoka here?

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