Monday, June 19, 2006

Weight Loss Record

I decided back in November to keep a record on Sunday mornings on my weight. The weeks that I stayed stable were the hardest. I forgot some weeks but what a living heck. I am seeking to be in the 160's-170's but it has been so long since I have weighed that I have forgotted what is healthy for me. I gained 85lbs after I quit smoking years back. It has been a war ever since.

Here is my record-
Nov 27- 226lbs
Dec 2- 215lbs
9- 217
16- 215
30- 212
Jan 01- 215
8- 215
23- 210
29- 210
Feb 05- 208
12- 204
20- 206
26- 201
Mar 05- 200
26- 198
Apr 02- 199
9- 200
30- 205 (I forgot and did the weight in fully clothed at the end of the day)
May-7- 194
14- 192
21- 188
28- 192
June 11- 187
18- 189

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Woke up, Taiji for an hour, sweated like a pig since it is 80 inside and now I need to go to work. I was 189 this morning up two pounds from last week. Last November I was 226 and all I have done is diet and do Taijiquan. There's proof you can lose weight with Taijiquan. I only started running at about 199 a little more than a month ago so the last 10lbs might be a mixed weight loss.

Okay, so what if I have been doing four hours of Taijiquan a day. It is my love. Probably why I am not celebrating Fathers day. Now I am sad. Well when your goal is immortality, parts of your life are going to take some casualties.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Alchemy Formula.

My Personal Taoist Alchemy Experiment/Experience

Taoists teach that we are not born immortal. Our souls are undifferentiated energy flowing from the source of all life everywhere sometimes called the Tao and returns undifferentiated after death to this original source. Our animating life energy is “borrowed” and it is not “us”. Much like we say that is my Bank because our money is there, but we do not own it. Likewise our minds are not immortal. They begin to form in the womb and only the strongest can endure after death, but even these only endure for a short time in their self created heavens and hells. Taoist alchemy teaches that immortality is something that must be achieved through the hard work of bringing into union the mind and the soul. It is the synthesis of the mind and soul that transforms the mortal physical body stage by stage into an immortal one.

Taoist Alchemy

Prerequisites: For the entire thirteen years you must abstain from meats, grains, sex, plus no losing your sexual essence in any either through self stimulation or dreams, and you must observe the continual practice of the ascending grades of meditation.

10 Months of deep breathing exercises and one pointed Dan Tien focusing meditation to transform sexual essence into Qi (internal energy) within the lower belly. Confirmatory signs- Begins with feeling the internal energy and controlling it with breath and intent to condense it into the bones and then lead it up the spine using the reverse flowing method into the head and to the pineal gland which produces a vision of blazing white light (achieved April 24th , 1994)

3 Years of eyes closed emptiness meditation transforming internal energy into internal power at the solar plexus. Confirmatory signs- Begins when a tiny spirit body comes from the belly and exits out of the forehead (achieved June 6th, 1994) that is the birth of the immortal child which then returns to the belly to be nurtured. Fifty days later after the birth of the baby shen a vision of the quintessence/original nature off all things is seen (achieved July 27th, 1994) and this achievement is the first stage of immortality according to Taoists. If all ends here you will be reborn after death to continue your practice with full knowledge of your past life Then at the end of the three year period the tiny body once again exits the forehead this time weaker and somewhat wispy. (achieved June 6th, 1997).

9 Years of eyes open mindfulness meditation “being the calm center amidst the chaos of activity” which begins with the alchemical process rising into the center of the brain where it transforms the internal power into Void - Confirmatory signs- Red Sparks blazing before the inner vision means the activity has moved from the lower elixir field to the middle one and at the end of the spray of sparks is an amber glow like a burning ember (achieved December 25th 1997). SPECULATION for 2006: Finally at the end of nine years the void body exits the top of the head and enters a world of pure being and endless light. Upon the return of this small body which has absorbed some of that endless light, it transmits that light to the physical body and it too will radiate light transforming it stage by stage into a body of pure energy.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Taoist Pilgimage

Making a change in lifestyle. I am taking a break from such a fanatical approach to my spiritual practice. I have been fasting, praying the Rosary for at least 5 hours a day, Tai Chi'ing for usually 2 hours and now I need a break. Thats enough yang practice now it will be yin for a time.

I am one day into this and what am I supposed to do with the time I suddenly have? I guess I will start with taking walks without destinations, sorta like a Taoist pilgimage...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My masters master.

This video shows the greatest taijiquan master to ever hit the shores of America.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Chang San-Feng

The legendary master of taijiquan, named Chang San-Feng, is credited with writing the following description of the art he taught. While almost unknown in the West, it is considered scripture within the Chinese taiji community:

“In taijiquan your body should move in smooth waves like a long river. What is taijiquan? It is Ward Off (sky), Roll Back (ground), Press (river), Push Down (lightening), Split (thunder), Take (wind), Elbow (lake), and Shoulder (mountain). These are the eight energies. The five elements are Step Forward (metal), Step Backward (wood), Step Right (fire), Step Left (water), and Hold To The Center (earth). When these thirteen are combined it is called the original Tai Chi style.

When moving your body, every part should be coordinated correctly. Your internal energy should be focused three fingers below the navel. Seek perfection in your movements. Moving too much or too little and your body will not be coordinated. The feet stick to the ground. Power comes from the legs, is controlled by the waist and extended through the fingers. Power starts from the feet, then goes up the legs through the waist and then out the fingers in one coordinated and perfectly timed wave-like movement. If everything is coordinated then you can move effortlessly in any direction. If not adjust your stance.

Memorize the movements to make them instinctual. For every up there is down, go right then left, if you move forward you must go back. Clearly feel light and heavy in your body. This will allow you to sense light and heavy in your opponent. When you can do this, you will easily defeat your opponents”. The first energy of taiji is called Ward Off it moves forward and upward. It meets an attacking force head on, and upon contact it leads the incoming force into a curve through a spherical rotation. It is like pushing on a sphere that is spinning upwards. Force applied to this sphere rolls off the top of it.

Taiji forms all move from the physical center of the body located about three fingers below the navel. Along with this is keeping the hands and feet, the elbows and knees, and the shoulders and hips all aligned, and it is this that creates a spherical rotation that is the foundation of all taiji technique. The only thing that changes are the contact points that move steadily closer to the body and the direction of rotation. In the end, any part of the body that makes contact with an attacking force can roll it off itself.

What this means is that by just mastering one technique such as the first one called Ward Off, you perfect all the others as well. This is one of the reasons taiji is called the supreme ultimate martial art. It can actually be mastered in a very short period of time. The old taiji masters sometimes called taijiquan; ward off style, because of this principle.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Looked like people practiced during the Christmas break. That's always nice to see. Thanks to Wanda teaching a couple extra moves to her people during the break everybody is at the same point in the form. It also looks like Rachel has a nickname I just learned which is "urch". Hmmm... must be a story.

Next week we'll dim the lights and light some candles to set the mood. Maybe even fire up some incense if nobody is in the room next door.

Cloud Hands- Remember everything moves with your dan tien. When your weight is on your right, your hands are over your right foot and when your weight is on your left, your hands are over your left foot. Left foot touches down ball first and right foot is heel first. Shift your weight ball to heel...ALWAYS!

You guys were really fun tonight. You make teaching worthwhile! Thanks!