Monday, June 19, 2006

Weight Loss Record

I decided back in November to keep a record on Sunday mornings on my weight. The weeks that I stayed stable were the hardest. I forgot some weeks but what a living heck. I am seeking to be in the 160's-170's but it has been so long since I have weighed that I have forgotted what is healthy for me. I gained 85lbs after I quit smoking years back. It has been a war ever since.

Here is my record-
Nov 27- 226lbs
Dec 2- 215lbs
9- 217
16- 215
30- 212
Jan 01- 215
8- 215
23- 210
29- 210
Feb 05- 208
12- 204
20- 206
26- 201
Mar 05- 200
26- 198
Apr 02- 199
9- 200
30- 205 (I forgot and did the weight in fully clothed at the end of the day)
May-7- 194
14- 192
21- 188
28- 192
June 11- 187
18- 189

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Woke up, Taiji for an hour, sweated like a pig since it is 80 inside and now I need to go to work. I was 189 this morning up two pounds from last week. Last November I was 226 and all I have done is diet and do Taijiquan. There's proof you can lose weight with Taijiquan. I only started running at about 199 a little more than a month ago so the last 10lbs might be a mixed weight loss.

Okay, so what if I have been doing four hours of Taijiquan a day. It is my love. Probably why I am not celebrating Fathers day. Now I am sad. Well when your goal is immortality, parts of your life are going to take some casualties.