Thursday, May 29, 2008

2nd Judo Class

Jammed my thumb in the first ten minutes of class doing these summer sault things. Let me tell you something... 41 year old fat men should not be doing summer saults. After that undignified 15 minutes of flailing around like a beached whale we did the back and forth practice throws which went a bit smoother until I realized I was limping and my second toe was an attractive black and blue.

Finally came the randori. All that was worth the randori. Yes I got thrown but one of the throws I was up in the air... just weightless and spinning.... and then crash and back pain. It hurt really bad but the throw was sooooooo cool. After the drive home I realized I was too sore to walk to my front door so I pretended to be checking out my gardens as I limped bent over to my house. All in all a good second class.

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