Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tai Chi and Alchemy

One hundred days of deep breathing, sexual abstinence and a vegetarian diet with the confirmatory sign being a belly full of power. Learn the physical forms of Tai Chi Chuan and synchronize it with the breath to distill the sexual fluid into essence giving you the power of clairvoyance.

Ten months of focused meditation and a confirmatory sign is the kundalini rising up the spine exiting the forehead. Meditate on the moving forms of Tai Chi Chuan to transform essence into qi giving you the power of telekinesis.

Three years of contemplative meditation and the confirmatory sign this is done is a vision of an amber glow within red sparks. Contemplate the forms of Tai Chi Chuan in stillness and qi is transformed into spirit giving you the power of mind control.

Nine years of the dark night where the divine within is unified with the divine without and the confirmatory sign is enlightened immortality. Going from form to formlessness on every level the spirit is distilled into void transforming you into an enlightened immortal.

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