Thursday, September 15, 2005

New Class!

The first new class in one and a half years just finished. I had forgotten how fun they were. I forgot to mention a couple things. One is during the standing meditation you are going to wobble alot. You will eventually get steadier as your mind calms down.

The second is about your mind. Meditation makes you aware for the first time of your mind. When you watch your mind for the first time you see how crazy it is. Meditation doesn't make your thoughts race. Your thoughts are already racing and now you are just aware of it. The good news is deep breathing combined with movement will naturally slow down your thoughts.

Remember, feet shoulder width, weight on the outside of your feet to push your knees over your feet. Knees bent, pelvis tucked, spine straight, shoulders relaxed, chest hollow, head suspended from the crown and elbows sunk. Hands in front of the body and slightly turn towards you. This is the Wu Chi posture that all Tai Chi comes from. The same body alignment should be kept during the form.

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